The Las Vegas Flight Ventures Flight Simulator Experience

We have 2 different flight simulators to choose from:  The Boeing 737-800NG and 757-200.

To purchase, just choose the simulator that suits your desire, click on any of the simulator pictures or the Book Now button and your selection will automatically be added to your shopping cart.

Boeing 737-800NG Simulator

Boeing 737-800NG Simulator

$799.00 / Hour

  • Full-Day, Dusk and Night Time Surround-Viewing Display
  • ALL Glass Cockpit Video Instrumentation similar to the B-777 Aircraft
  • Advanced Autoflight/Throttles and Flight Management Systems
  • Roomy Cockpit to accommodate 3 additional observers
  • Worldwide Airport Selection Capability

Boeing 757 Simulator

Boeing 757-200 Simulator

$749.00 / Hour

  • Full Daylight, Dusk or Night Time Viewing  Display
  • Combo Glass/Dial Instruments –With Advanced Autoflight and Flight Management System (FMS) Included
  •  Worldwide Airport Selection Capability with terrific Stabile Flight Characteristics

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