Frequently Asked Questions


A. Question How are simulator sessions scheduled and booked?

Answer:  Due to the rare opportunity to be able to fly these devices, the TSA and Pan Am International Flight Academy require the provision operate by an appointment only basis.  Scheduling is booked on a first come-first served priority-only system.  Once agreement is reached and payment is made, your flight experience will be confirmed with an emailed receipt back to you.  Due to unforeseen simulator maintenance repairs, rescheduling may be necessary.  Normally, these simulators are primarily used for airline pilot flight training purposes.

B. Question:  Are there any age, height or experience limitations?

Answer: There is no age limitation or experience level limitations.  However, due to seat height variables, 48 inches or taller is recommended to see the runway environment with the visual display system.

C. Question:  Can I bring along my friends and/or family?

Answer Yes.   The simulator has three other seats inside the device and they can ride for free!  For security reasons, only those riding in the simulator will be allowed into the operational area itself.  Thank you for your understanding!

D. Question: Can larger groups be accommodated as well?

Answer: Yes.   Depending upon our scheduling availability and your group requirements, please provide ample time for advanced scheduling availability in order to secure the best possible experience for everyone.  We recommend a minimum time frame of 45 days in advance for planning purposes of the group activity event.

E. Question: Are Gift Certificates available?

Answer:  Yes.  Gift Certificates are available for purchase either online or upon request.  They can be emailed for special occasions or holidays as well.  Call for more information for that special person to do something unique and different in mind.  Simply fill out the “Contact Us” form and we will email or call you back with your options.  Once purchased, go to the “Contact Us” menu to book your reservation.  They make great special occasion gifts!

F. Question: Who can fly and is this “THE REAL DEAL?”

Answer:  If you have that special person in mind with a desire to fly, this is an outstanding way to give the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and see if they have “The Right Stuff!” They will have fun and really learn what makes airplanes fly!  Most pilots spend a lot of time training in these simulators for their careers.  This experience is for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY and we have fun providing that experience for YOU!

G. Question: What type of simulators are offered?

Answer:  1-Boeing 737-800NG and 1-Boeing 757-200

H. Question: What does the experience cost?

Answer: Retail Pricing Per Hour: Includes a 30 minute briefing

Boeing 757-200 – $749.00

Boeing 737-800NG – $799.00

For availability information, please fill out the “Contact Form” and we will email you back your options.  For an immediate response, please call us at:

(888) 737-9618 or (702) 497-3929

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