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Las Vegas Flight Ventures LogoIn January 2010, Las Vegas Flight Ventures was conceived and launched by a retired airline pilot to bring the entertainment world of Las Vegas together with the opportunity to fly a real airline flight simulator used by pilots, the world over. This experience is now available to anyone who’s interested in aviation to see what a pilot sees from the cockpit seat, something that passenger seats just can’t match.

Rather than sitting in the passenger cabin next to someone you don’t know or may not to want to know, Las Vegas Flight Ventures puts you in the Captain’s Seat to command a Boeing 737, MD88 or Boeing 757 Flight Simulator with an experienced guide assisting you in the First Officer’s seat. Together, you will takeoff, fly the simulator and make an instrument approach to your desired runway to land.

Our staff of professional guides have years of experience with thousands of hours flown in many different jetliners. They truly provide a memorable and fun experience for your family and friends to enjoy together. We allow video cameras to commemorate the event along with solid encouragement to those interested in taking their next step toward a flying career in aviation.

So, if you think you have “The Right Stuff”, come out, challenge yourself with your family and friends away from the Las Vegas Strip.  It’s a remarkable experience that will last for years to come without ever leaving the ground!

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